Recent Promo Licensings


HBO Generation Kill – Late Night (Craig Ferguson) – EHollywood –  True Hollywood Story’s – Poker Superstars – Summerland – Renovate My Family – Eve – All Of Us – Kevin Hill – WWE Smack Down – Steve Harvey Show – Arrested Development – Access Hollywood –  – E! Entertainment – North Shore – Best Kept Hollywood Secrets – NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB Highlights – Bernie Mack Show – Americas Most Wanted – Boston Public – Cops – Inside the Iraq War – American Justice – NFL Post Game – NFL on FOX – King Of The Hill – Mad TV – The Simple Life – Malcolm In The Middle – The Pulse – The Simpson’s – That 70’s Show – 24 -Joe Millionaire – WF Wrestling – WB Network  – The OC


Original Compositions – Film & TV – Commercial – Animation

The Haumana

Feature Film – Keo Woolford Director


OC 16 Show Theme – Ron Darby

Millennium News Week Magazine

26 episodes  TV News Show  JAW Productions  Joseph Winkler

Extreme Ghostbusters

Animation Series 6 episodes Slashing Productions – Adelair Productions

(Additional music)

Dirt Devil Holiday

2 National Commercial Spots Strom & Magallon Prod Wolf Group-Cleveland

Pontiac Sunfire

3 National Spot Strom & Magallon Prod. D’Arcy

Pontiac Piranha

Auto Show Campign Strom & Magallon Prod. D’Arcy /I.P.S.

Pontiac Aztek

Auto Show Campign Strom & Magallon Prod. D’Arcy /I.P.S.


3 Commercial Spots Strom & Magallon Prod. J.W. Tompson/I.P.S.

Dirt Devil

4 National Commercial Spots Strom & Magallon Prod Wolf Group-Cleavland

Cadillac Escalade

Running Footage Demo Dennis McCoullaugh I.P.S.

Punk Ass Chef

Cooking Show 8 Episodes – Theme & BKG – DL Flicks Steve Hornstine

Pray For Yourself

Festival Short Film: Original Score – DL Productions – Dir. Steven Hornstien

Dirty Laundry

Festival Short Film: Original Score – DL Productions – Dir. Steven Hornstien


Internet Streaming Program – Theme and Bumpers – Lionel Pasiomonte

A Chip Away From The Future

Documentary – 3 Parts – Key Info Productions – Dir. Ralph Morin

Under The Rug Is A Bug

Children’s Short Audio Book – Spoke Word – Sweet Sally Productions

Aladdin’s Adventures of All Time

Feature Animation – New Horizons/Concord – Roger Corman

Black Scorpion

TV Action New Horizons/Concord Roger Corman

(Additional music)

Enemy Action

Movie Trailer New Horizons/Concord Roger Corman


Bartending Talk Show – 65 Segments and Theme – Psilocybin Media – Giano Beninate

Santa’s Map

Animation Special Strom & Magallon Prod G. Strom & D.Magallon

The Boy Who Snored

Children’s Animation Short A’moure West Prod. Rod West

Anna Millers Restaurants

OC 16/Time Warner

Pictures Plus

OC16/Time Warner


Spike TV – Theme

Dodge Neon Fall  Regional

Stromag Productions – Michael Cevaillo Dir.

Matrix Radio Europe

45 Custom Radio Spots/Beds – BDAP Prodcutions

Maui Toys

3 National Spots – Director Mike Cevallios

FOX Sports

Best Damn Sports Show – Fox Network – Brian Kahn Seg Producer

Karcher HoverJet

30 Minute International Infomercial – Strom& Magallon – Wolf Group

Clear Essence

4 International Spots – Tredwell Ent. – Hugo Palette Dir.


Stacy Turk Prod


PSA-Stacy Turk Prod


38 Radio Spots-Brandon D’Amour Productions


Arte (Spanish)-Michael Cevaillo Dir.

The Heckler

Fox Sports-Hand Productions-Brian Kahn Dir.

Tunedge Composers Series

Motivational series CD Brandon D’Amour Productions


TV & Radio Campaign M. Day Productions Larry Block

Tunedge Composers Series

Extreem Air – Brandon D’Amoure Prod Rod West

The Marty Show

Animation Internet Talk Show – Top Cow Productions – Brian Seltzer

808 Communications

Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis


Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis

“IT” Campaign for OC 16

Time Warner Oceanic – Laurie La Madrid

Abe Realty

Time Warner Oceanic – Laurie La Madrid


Clear Channel Hawaii – James Avis


Clear Channel Hawaii – James Avis


Clear Channel Hawaii – Leilani Williams

Chaminade Universaty

Clear Channel – Jose Figuras

RV Ocean Sports

Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis

Lava Lining (re-write)

Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis

808 Tints

Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis

Body Mints

Time Warner Oceanic – Laurie La Madrid

Hanohano Room

Time Warner Oceanic – Laurie La Madrid


Regional – Satcom Hawaii – Sheri Lewis

Dominos Pizza

Regional – Satcom Hawaii Agency – Sheri Lewis

Atlas Pain Center

Time Warner Oceanic – Laurie La Madrid

Matrix Library

18 cd’s – BDAP Productions


National Spot – Squeak Productions – Hugo Pallete

Red Match

Global/Internet Infomercial – Hand Productions – B. Kahn

Trip Radio Europe

65 Custom compositions for European Radio Spots – BDAP Productions

Tune Edge

Music Library Brandon D’Amour Prod. Rod West

60 min of cues

Have A Nice Day

Festival Short Film – HAND Prod Brian Kahn

He Loves Me Not

P.S.A Film Makers Alliance

Esparanza Para Parkinson’s Disease

P.S.A. TVA Prod. Jerry Lippert

Joggmate Protein

Industrial Video TVA Prod. Jerry Lippert

Santa With Muscles

Feature Film Hit Entertainment Source Cues

Level Thirteen

National Seminar Series – Red Rock Prod.

Follow Us

Industrial Video  – Hot City Prod.

Safety is No1!

Industrial Video  – Hot City Prod.

First Family of Aloha

Industrial Video – Kamoku Prod.


Surf Video – Chuns Prod

Happy Meal

Radio Spot (Spanish)- L. Talivera Ltd.


Radio Spot- L. Talivera Ltd


Radio Spot -L. Talivera Ltd

Es La Primera

Radio Spot -Luna Grande Prod.

Miss California

TV-Contestant Arrangements Shining Star Ent.

Miss California-USA

TV-Contestant Arrangements Shining Star Ent.

Siempre en Domingo

TV-Variety Show (Spanish) Grandioso Prod.

Not Just Sex

Movie Promo (Radio) Ireland Prod

Don’t Fear the Light

Rock Documentary Water Tiger Prod.