Caldera 1977, Triste – Composed by George (Jorge) del Barrio

Composer/Arranger George (Jorge) del Barrio, brother of Eduardo del Barrio, wrote this song called Triste. On this track Jorge also played the keyboards. Jorge’s string arrangements have colored in the tracks of over 100 artists in his 60 year career and that doesn’t include his orchestrations for over 25 films. This is a true classic of the genre by Caldera, this LP was released in 1977 on Capitol Records, the band consists of Steve Tavaglione on flute & sax, Jorge Strunz on guitar, Mike “Baiano” Azevedo on congas & percussion, Carlos Vega on drums, Dean Cortez on bass, Hector Andrade on timbales, congas & percussion and Eduardo Del Barrio on piano & keyboards. Guest musicians are Larry Dunn on synthesizer, Diane Reeves on vocals, Chester Thompson and Ralph Humphrey on drums, Ralph Rickert on flugelhorn and Ray Armando and Steve Barrios Jr. on percussion, plus strings.

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