Meditation for Pregnant Women – “Eternal Mother” – Meditation for Pregnant Women – My daughter is expecting her first child so I wrote this so that she could meditate through the restless nights. It is well known that a fetus is nourished by the umbilici and it is also a passage for hormones from the mother to the growing baby. Meditation is widely known for its stress busting qualities and its continual practice during pregnancy ensures the mental well-being of the carrying mother. Meditation is an amazing technique to reach out to the unborn baby and make a connection with your bundle of joy. The main aim of it is to be absolute and completely relaxed. This can be achieved in the following ways: Close your eyes and sit in an erect position and concentrate on your breathing. Focus on gentle inhalations and long slow exhalations. Make sure you expand your abdomen, ensuring more oxygen supply to the baby. Your relaxation level directly affects the baby and the energy is passed on to your loved one inside your tummy. Chant any religious / spiritual lines you wish to, so as to block out any other disturbances or even making conversation with your unborn would be considered good. Make sure you give yourself and the baby ample amount of time. After all, meditating during pregnancy is like bonding with your baby who will fill your world with joy as soon as it arrives. Last but not the least, ensure a healthy diet and always think happy thoughts. Following the above mentioned techniques regularly and constant

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