Music Services

Custom Musical Composition For Media & Artists
  • Custom music written for TV, Film,  and Video Games including source music reconstruction.
  • Song production for demos to retail-ready release.
  • Internet productions and flash spots
Custom Project Music Libraries
  • Original composition for custom media libraries for re-use in exclusive media productions.
  • The custom library is owned by the commissioners of the work and can be used on any productions that they develop for life.
Online Arrangements
  • If you need arrangements added to your demos or project, GiBi will arrange and record the track and send it to you to be added to your production. These services range from single instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) to strings, horns, and other specialty instruments.
Full Demo Services
  • If it has been a dream for you to have your song professionally produced arranged and recorded and prepared for your vocals – got you covered!
Music Production and Services For Your Songs – Vocalists
  • Making it affordable for new artists to get their music produced is the focus behind this special online recording offer – Here’s how it works
  • You send GiBi a demo of your song either as an mp3 or even from your viral account like YouTube.
  • Then after contacting you for production direction GiBi will go into the studio and completely produce your track for you as a one-off. The term “one-off” is without a master vocal – better known as a Karaoke track.
  • The track will be sent back to you via hi-resolution mp3 and is 100% owned by you.
Music Production – Songwriters With Vocals Needed on Demo
  • This service is full song production if you feel that you have a song in your head, want to get it recorded to submit to artists.
Music Arrangements For Your Track
  • If all that you want is additional arrangements to your song/track, it works the same as full production services however you will be charged by the arrangements.