The Dreamer, Heart Chakra Reiki Meditation, Spiritual Attunement Music, Shanti – Relaxation – Music Composer Gibi del Barrio “The Dreamer” The Dreamer, Meditation Gregorian Theme, Peaceful Relaxation – Heart Chakra Anahata is considered the seat of the Jivatman, and Para Shakti. In the Upanishads, this is described as being like a tiny flame that resided inside the heart. Anahata is so called because it is in this place that sages hear that sound (Anahata — Shabda) which comes without the striking of any two things together.”[2] It is associated with the element of air, the sense of touch, and with actions of the hands. meditación música, meditation musik, , pagninilay-nilay musika, musique de méditation, μουσική διαλογισμού, meditazione musicale, musik meditasi, 瞑想の音楽, 冥想音乐, 명상 음악, meditacijos muzika, meditatio cantici, meditasjonsmusikk, موسیقی مدیتیشن,, muzyka medytacji, música de meditação, meditaţie muzică, медитативную музыку, meditationsmusik,

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