George “GiBi” del Barrio – Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator


Always over the shoulder of his father, composer Jorge del Barrio

Starting at the age of 6 with violin, Gibi began his endless path of musical education. After the violin, GiBi quickly moved to the piano, and by the time Gibi reached 18 he also had  classical guitar, bass, and drums under his belt.

Also during his high school years, GiBi studied choral and operatic arrangements while performing in various high school choral ensembles and musicals.

After high school, GiBi started producing his friends in his father’s studio which led to arranging and performing on their demos as well. In the early 80’s, GiBi cut his commercial music industry teeth beginning by working for notorious producer George Tobin at Studio Sound as a second engineer.

GiBi also had the chance to work under heavyweight producer Nic Venet (Beach Boys, Lou Rawls, Glen Campbell, Jim Croce) for a year developing tracks for various projects in 1990. From there through late 1990,s GiBi continued engineering, producing, and writing for artists in styles such as Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Punk, Metal, Pop, R&B Soul, Adult Alternative, and New Age.

Then around 1995, a composing opportunity arose when he got the opportunity to be a co-writer for a TV animation series and soon after a series of national commercial campaigns for Dirt Devil. Now in the media composing business and with the chance to follow the family footsteps full-time, GiBi never looked back at the record business. GiBi has been composing music for Film, TV, Music Libraries and now is featuring his service as an arranger for artists around the world.