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Strings Arrangements Over 65 Years And I Only Found Two Boxes

When my father passed away (Jorge L. Gutierrez del Barrio) one of the first things that I did was to go into his studio and start looking for all of his works.  In a floor to ceiling bookshelf I found 1/4 tapes dating back to the 40’s of which where de-laminated etc.. but I did …

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Soundtrack and Cues – The Haumana HIFF Audience Award!

WOW!!! The Haumana has won ANOTHER festival Audience Award for Narrative at the HIFF 2013 festival!!! So I was given approval to set up a few of The Haumana Soundtrack and cues on SoundCloud so I cherry picked a few of my favorite tracks.  ENJOY 🙂

“She” by Maui Artist Stephen Henderson – Good Times

I was hesitant to get back into recording artists just because of the conditions in which artists have to deal with as far as making money.  They have dreams and I can only help fulfill them musically. Then I recently reflected on the fact that I missed being a part of an artists growth – …

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Writing The Original Score for The Haumana – 4 Strings and All

The Haumana, Music Composer

I’m not one to post up on blogs.  As a matter of fact, this is my first one on this site.  But today I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  The debut of the film The Haumana is a few days away and the local publicity machine is churning like an out-of-season cyclone here …

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