Strings Arrangements Over 65 Years And I Only Found Two Boxes

When my father passed away (Jorge L. Gutierrez del Barrio) one of the first things that I did was to go into his studio and start looking for all of his works.  In a floor to ceiling bookshelf I found 1/4 tapes dating back to the 40’s of which where de-laminated etc.. but I did find a couple of boxes of sheet music under his main work desk.

Not to my surprise there were about 175 charts in those two boxes that had most of his American works.  These charts where created from 1960-ish to 2009 and still had all the magic one could want if you knew how to read music.  I can’t begin to tell you all the artists that where listed but I did do one thing;  I took a picture of everything I could find and put together this video.

Funny thing about all of the pictures in the video is that it doesn’t even include any of his movie orchestrations.  Dad didn’t do too many films but he did orchestrate about 15 feature films – here’s a link to check out some of those works.

Either way – I’m pretty sure you don’t have 30 minutes to burn but here’s the video – more so for my family to have for future generations of del Barrios.