“She” by Maui Artist Stephen Henderson – Good Times

I was hesitant to get back into recording artists just because of the conditions in which artists have to deal with as far as making money.  They have dreams and I can only help fulfill them musically.

Then I recently reflected on the fact that I missed being a part of an artists growth – actually that was my main gig in LA; development producer – prepping artist for their pitch to majors.544490_512220738820426_1414013871_n

So once I get back into the “why” this year I decided to start slow with Maui artist Stephen Henderson.  The back story of how we met was cool but it was the follow-through of Stephen that brought back the faith that people will work as hard as I do to get to the next step.

As a producer, working with Stephen on his track called “She” was real fun.  I try to make a lifelong impression on people coming into my studio to work out a song – it’s personal.  But it was Steven that made the biggest impression on me because of his total follow-through in marketing himself.

So now I’m getting back into the game by producing tracks on artists, but slowly.  I refuse to do more than one track on an artist – I wont get into a full EP production because I don’t believe in that business model anymore.

I believe that the future of music (songs, artists making $) will be focusing on few songs and putting the energy into REAL SONGWRITING!!!!


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