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Aloha To The World – Fusion Slack Key Guitar Instrumental – Geebz del Barrio

Hawaii Music Supply Ukulele & Guitars Aloha To The World – Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Instrumental – Geebz del Barrio

Gibi del Barrio Original Song “Thanks Jeff” – Ode to Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck Tribute – “Thanks Jeff” – Instrumetnal Guitar – This is a track that I wrote a long time ago when I thought about how much of an influence Jeff Beck is to me.

Funky Magic Mushrooms – Psilocybin Ride’n – Gibi del Barrio

Funky Magic Mushrooms – Shrooms – Psilocybin Ride’n – Instrumental Guitar Track by Geebz – No fast riffing on this track but the funk is stanky and bass is cranky. Trip if you dare!

Soul Grazing – Instrumental Guitar – Gibi del Barrio

Instrumental guitar track I did back in 1999 when I didn’t want to do any “fast” playing and just wanted to get some soul out of the melody and let the basic tracks speak for itself. PEACE

Guitar Instrumental – Eastern Herbs – The Trippy Chronicles

Gibi del Barrio – Instrumental Guitar – Eastern Herbs – The Trippy Chronicles

Azul – The Blue Dolphin – Images Christian Reese Lassen

Geebz GiBi del Barrio – The Blue Dolphin – Here’s a mellow guitar track I did that has a neo new age video to it. Complimenting the track is the unreal art of Christian Reese Lassen

Same Ole (History Repeating Itself) – Gibi del Barrio

Found this old track and decided to do a vid to it. Same Ole – Gibi del Barrio

Blues Guitar – Funky Black ~n~ Blues

www.keyofgeebz.com Found this old track I did about 10 years ago. My fingers just don’t move that fast anymore!